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Lecture: The Chart of Attitudes

December 28, 1951 by  
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Author: Hubbard, L. R.
Document date: 1951, 28 December
Document title: The Chart Of Attitudes
Document type: lecture transcript
Event: Second Annual Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Document ID: 5112C28A
Description: Hubbard is discussing various philosophic "bins" he sifted through to finally develop his religion.

But upon the alertness and the ability to know of the individual depends how well he can use bin two and how much he can drag for himself out of bin one. Because in bin one is everything: Here is life eternal, here is happiness, the basic truths behind Freemasonry, the Catholic Church and so on–all of these things have some basic truths behind them.

Whether they have attained those truths or not is beside the point. There are a tremendous number of answers; theoretically, there are answers to everything under the sun. What I am giving you here is the basic idea of how I have been working in order to get enough data into the field of useful, relative truth to resolve cases.

We can perform some miracles with this stuff. But I don’t say that a miracle has to be performed in every case as it comes along. The devil with that; let’s just say that it performs miracles. I call to your attention that it has been an awfully long time since anybody was producing any assembly line miracles–quite a while. That doesn’t make either thee or me a citizen of Nazareth, but it certainly makes us interesting.

Hubbard, L. R. (1951, 28 December). The Chart Of Attitudes. Second Annual Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors, (5112C28A). Lecture conducted from Wichita, Kansas.

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